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Laundry Service is now available ON-SITE for Park Guests!

Do your laundry like you would at home! That's right, no more wasting half your day at the local laundromat. Our On-Site laundry Room is all yours when you make your reservation! That's right! You RESERVE the laundry room all to yourself. It's a unique approach. You don't pay per load or deposit a stream of coins into the dryer every10 minutes. For a flat rate reservation fee, you do your laundry just like you would at home. Toss a load in the washer and go about your day.... in 45 minutes switch to the dryer... go home for a nap, eat dinner, run an errand. The laundry room is yours for a two-hour session. You lock and unlock the door by key code at YOUR convenience. No more coins! No more sitting and sitting and waiting! Just toss in and go! A single session is plenty of time to cycle a complete load. If you have multiple loads, save money by reserving 2 sessions allowing enough time for 3 average loads. Do your laundry at YOUR convenience! Reserve your Laundry Session On-Line at our website. Special packages are available.

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